There’s a reason you constantly feel trapped and overwhelmed with life.

Hint: It has nothing to do with money, status, fame and privilege...

The truth is you need focused help getting "unstuck" but haven’t successfully figured out how...

... and it won’t happen simply believing all will just work out... or wasting thousands on a-la-carte quick fixes…


  • … driven and passionate about your work but feel there’s more you could and should be doing?
  • … constantly drained… lacking energy and focus... barely just making it in your day to day efforts… and stressed to the max?
  • ... trying to piece-meal your way through to answers with life coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, spiritual advisors and therapists … and still no change?


  • … wish you could always know what decisions and moves to make without second guessing yourself?
  • … wish you could have better, harmonious relationships and stop dealing with the same type of people all the time?
  • … secretly envy other women whose life looks fabulous, while you’re feeling slightly inadequate and can’t get right?

The reason you continuously feel stuck and unsatisfied is...

You haven’t had a focused environment to structure and apply at once, everything you need to make lasting change!

In case you’re wondering, “Who is this chick and why does she know my life?”

My name is Megan Jenifer-Harris.

In a nutshell and without beating around the bush...


I’m just like you.

If this is our first meeting, I can run down a list of outward accomplishments in an attempt to impress you...

I’ve slayed A LOT of boss-lady stuff in my 40 years of living!

But that’s not where the real connection would be made...

You see, deep down on the inside, I quietly suffered with the same fears of not having enough. Not being enough. Not living my life to the fullest and simply just getting by day in and day out, with the same, mundane, predictable, unfulfilling routine.

... Life looked grand to others beneath my pulled-together appearance, smile and bubbly personality...

I was surely hurting, but couldn’t pinpoint the cause of my pain no matter how hard I tried...

Before I realized it, my coping mechanisms masked my struggle.

These masks showed up as…

  • cycles of bad health,
  • destructive relationships,
  • addictions,
  • struggles with healthy weight,
  • challenges with fertility
  • and actual physical pain.

... but in silence and behind closed doors, I suffered… and suffered greatly.

I knew something was perpetually off...

Does any of this sound familiar?

There were times where I wanted to literally kill myself and it’s by the grace of God I didn’t because something within me knew I had to be here to do work that matters in the grand scheme of things.

When the accolades weren’t enough…

… when my health kept deteriorating…

… when my finances were suffering…

… after miscarriage…

… when I reached my breaking point...

I knew I couldn’t keep up the facade of having it all together and trying to be superwoman...

… I was scrambling, secretly trying to fix it all by myself and on my own.

I needed a changed environment with focused, professional help to get past the roots of my struggle and heal the masked pain!

At my most raw and vulnerable place, I cried to God and asked to be directed to my healing space…

… The place where the answers, people and next steps could be shown to me...

… where I would recognize and trust them… follow their lead, and then be able to make impactful moves to heal myself and in turn help others heal too!

One by one and in sequential order, healers and mentors came to help me heal my pain with my journey as their central focus, so I could do the exact work necessary to get unstuck and heal everything!

I no longer had to question if any of my decisions were the right ones and if I was on the right path.

As a result, my time management skills increased! My everyday choices improved! I got positive results more quickly!

… and then…

I FINALLY emerged more focused and driven than ever to live the most beautiful "now" while creating my incredible future!

After doing the beginning work of letting go of fear, learning to discern and to really TRUST, my life has taken on a new fire and mission-driven direction!

This feeling of exuberance,... joy,... wholeness,... and fulfillment,... I know you desire as well...

... and in a few, I'm going to show you exactly how you can experience this transformational "Divine Step-Up" as I like to call it."

... but first...

You need to know this...

The most effective way to begin the process of getting unstuck and on a path to a fulfilled, fabulous and flourishing life is to immerse yourself in a space specifically curated and designed with feminine master teachers, who are aligned with your unique needs, desires and wants!

What this looks like is a serene, relaxing location…
surrounded by and intimately connected with masters...
who help you heal through...

  • Sound...
  • Touch...
  • Breath...
  • Movement...
  • Food...
  • The elements...
  • Meditation...
  • Communication...
  • Desire mapping...
  • ... As well as nurturing the mind...
  • The womb...
  • And your overall self-image.

… But Megan, this sounds too good to be true! How is this even possible? And what makes this different from everything else I’ve already tried?

You can experience all this goodness and more at
Her Healing Place Conference and Retreat,
June 22nd-24th, 2018

This one-of-a-kind event is a full weekend dedicated to and designed for doing the necessary and focused work to let go of your fears and move out of the cycle of being "stuck!"

Unlike other workshops or events you’ve attended in the past, this won’t simply be rehashed catchphrases and motivational messages.

You will unearth, face and deal with (on purpose) the issues you need healing from the most!

There will be no facades...

There will be no masks...

This is a raw, real and transformational experience where you will emerge cleansed, courageous, focus, refreshed and ready to walk into your long-awaited destiny!

In case you need to know whether this is something you’re ready to do, let me tell you upfront who this is and is not for...

This event is for you if...

  • you know you can’t keep living life with the same results day in and day out.
  • you can’t seem to get a grip on why you’ve been struggling so long.
  • you keep trying to work on yourself but keep making the same mistakes and not making substantial progress.
  • you’re willing to invest in yourself and have the resources to do so.
  • you recognize the value in taking time away to submit to the healing process without distractions.
  • you’re open to doing the hard work with the close direction of professional healers.

This event is NOT for you if...

  • you’re trying to go on vacation and numb away the pain with lots of drinks and dance parties.
  • looking for a quick fix and sound bytes to add to your self-development files.
  • you plan on lying by the pool all day and only working on your tan.
  • aren’t willing to invest time and resources into your healing.
  • are constantly blaming others for why you’re not where you want to be.
  • are used to making excuses and receiving handouts.

.... Now that you know ahead of time what we’re about, let’s dive into all the details of what you’ll learn AND what you’ll get!

During our weekend together,
you’ll learn how to….

  • ultimately discover and map out your purpose and vision for your life.
  • properly develop the correct mindset for doing and maintaining your healing.
  • purify and prepare the body to be resilient and strong enough to facilitate lasting healing.
  • nurture your inner-dialogue for your healthiest self-image.
  • connect with and harness the power of your deeply seated soul, connected through your womb... your powerful creative space and birthright as a woman.

Ready to be blown away?
This is how it's all going to go down!


On Friday, June 22nd, you’ll arrive at Governor’s Green, a cozy, five star resort in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia!

You’ll register and check into your 2-bedroom suite, complete with kitchen, lounge area and balcony.

Then meet us at the Equestrian Room for a quaint and warm welcoming event to kick off the weekend!

For the rest of the afternoon, take time to unwind on the grounds and enjoy hot tubs, billiards or miniature golf...

… Or, you can spend the evening venturing out on the town to the himalayan salt spa, taking in a bit of shopping at the premium outlets, or basking in fragrances at Yankee Candle!


On Saturday morning, begin your day at the sophisticated Williamsburg Hellenic Center for Her Healing Place Conference!

Be greeted and serenaded by the visceral tones of Radiance String Ensemble as you get prepared for a morning of impactful lessons!

Hosted by YouTube sensation and V-logger, Whoissugar, enjoy dynamic sessions by Kimtrese Slaughter of Courageous Woman, Nina Brewton of and Thema Azize Serwaa of The Womb Sauna!

You will have your mind prepped, your heart opened and your soul ready to begin the necessary work of moving away from brokenness to restoration!

After the conference, lunch will happen VIP style!

We’ll chauffeur you and the entire Healing Collective to an authentic Italian and Mediterranean restaurant reserved just for you...

… where you’ll dine on from-scratch cuisine while hanging out with all the healers who you’ll be so close to for the rest of the weekend...

… Take pictures, share hugs and laughs while basking in the energy of the budding sisterhood!

After lunch, the retreat begins! It’s time to prep for the real work ahead.

The rest of the afternoon and evening begins with a sacred cleansing ceremony with intuitive spiritualist and healer, Julianna Sarr, in the quiet and quaint Yorktown beach.

At the beach, feel the properties of salt water being magnified for releasing negative, weighted energy!

Through the water cleansing ceremony, you’ll welcome the experiences of feeling lighter, gaining more clarity, and an opening of previously stagnant creativity!

I was very [out of sorts] and living in chaos before she [Julianna] taught me "Pranayama" a breathing technique & "Reiki," an energy technique. Now, I live life in a different way. Julianna is the truth and I have seen nothing but results from her. During my 1st spiritual energetics reading with her, she was so on point and I never gave her any inclination of the information she gave me. I love her.

Shatima Wilson
Portsmouth, Virginia

Shortly thereafter, be pampered with touch massage...

… where our gifted massage therapists identify and help release the places in your body that are holding onto stale, stubborn issues.

Your body will communicate the exact place needing the warm touch through the hands of intuitive massage therapists Latonya Brinson and Knikeya Robinson of Kingdom Healing Stone and Memorable Moments Massage!

Next, spend the evening deep-diving and unscathing the troublesome areas of your heart, mind and spirit while intimately working with our two professional and intuitive psychotherapists Kimtrese Slaughter of Courageous Woman and Letitia Laurien of Loose Leaf Consulting, LLC!

Emerge from this experience with a focused and specific plan, complete with tools to move you into purposeful action!

All the healers will be on site and available to help you work through the tough places!

If you need someone to pray with you, hold you up while you cry cleansing tears or sit beside you while you soak in God’s presence, we’re creating the safe and supportive space to do just that!

Where two or more are gathered to do the work of God, so shall God be!

My massage was relaxing, targeted, comfortable and much needed. I slept so soundly afterwards. I really relish the fact that Latonya explains what she does and how it affects the body. She educated me about my body and how I need to listen to it more. Thank you Latonya... you are a Blessing BEYOND WORDS! I'll be Back!!

Joy Wansley

Your ministry programs are the reason I gave my life to Christ. I gave my life to Christ at your Courageous Women program in 2015. It was the first time I had experienced God outside of the church. I cried for (3) days after I left your program and I have been praising God ever since. I now share my story of being called by God in a Performing Arts Theater and not in a church. I am now a firm believer that God can be encountered anywhere. Even though you didn't do your ministry in the church you are the reason I am in church now. Please don't stop what you're doing. The world needs your work.

Courageous Woman Attendee


The next day, get ready to experience what morning prayer through motion feels like!

Join us outside on the lawn and learn how to move healing through you body with the sacred practice of Yoga with Khalilah D!

Discover how to use the breath and intention to continue releasing all the exhaust from the previous day’s work.

… Feel refreshed and energized when you breathe through movements specifically choreographed to support your transition!

After yoga, our body’s fuel will come through the gifted hands of vegan chef, Nina Brewton of!

Nina will lovingly prepare a vegan breakfast infused with all the natural healing properties plant-based foods provide!

Our chef will teach you how to transition into adding more energy-sustaining foods, which add to your vitality, quality of life and longevity!

Imagine learning how to eat to boost your mood, increase your ability to focus and help ward off the effects of stress, which ultimately wards off disease!

I've been dealing with chronic pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders for over 3 years. I have tried multiple therapies with some relief, but it was becoming too expensive. After researching the benefits of yoga and meditation, I wanted to take lessons from a trained yoga instructor. Khalilah immediately made me feel at ease by sharing the principles of yoga. After the lesson, I felt so relaxed and peaceful. A lot of tension, stiffness and stress was relieved. The experience far exceeded my expectations!

W. King

As a culinarian and foodie, I appreciate the balance of taste meeting nutrition in the style of cooking that Nina displays. Taste, texture, smell and presentation are all very important to me. When I am presented with food from Nina’s kitchen, I am never disappointed. I always encounter a new and exciting taste bud extravaganza with her infusion of healthy eating with the comfort of soul food and the exploration of spices from abroad.

Crystal Sanders

You’ll then be ready for an afternoon of breaking down and re-inventing your self-image with beauty influencer, Whoissugar!

Sugar will masterfully guide you through a soul-searching and stereotype-breaking deconstructing beauty workshop!

… Feel what it’s like to take ownership of your self-image... to fall in love with yourself in a way you never have before and show up in life more securely and confidently!


... Imagine finalizing your new and powerful vision through a workshop session for your vision board experience with habit strategist and visionary, me! Megan Jenifer-Harris!

Picture what it would be like to know how your days moving forward will unfold…

… what actions to take without question…

… and the reassurance that each decision you make in the days ahead supports the overall image of your life!

Learn how to move through your vision on a daily basis through a structured six phase process that once learned, you can do in just minutes each day!

There’s no better feeling than to know with absolute certainty you’re headed in the right direction and that the Universe supports you every step of the way!

Before Megan’s course, I struggled with distractions, confidence in my abilities and not embracing habits or routine to get things done. I’m now embracing the art of just writing. This has allowed for the right ideas and words that matter for my book projects to come to the forefront.

Working with Megan was a breath of fresh air! Her presence brings peace and makes you want to do better. She walks with a teachable aura, and I would definitely recommend her programs to others!

Latrice Fowler, Author

But wait!
... There's even more!

You’re going to love discovering your unique and sacred power as a woman!

… You kinda know this already, but you have yet to experience what connecting and communicating with the source of your feminine power feels like!

… The vortex of energy... complex site of neurons... and the seat of creativity is your womb!

Yes, your womb girlfriend!

… And there is no one more qualified to walk you through our womb-healing sister circle experience than the creator of The Womb Sauna herself, Thema Azize Serwa!

Our culminating sister circle will reinforce the work you’ve started and continue to give you the tools to challenge obstacles, limitations and any remaining stagnant energy that has previously kept you stuck!

... Imagine being able to trust yourself fully... to discern everything with a keen sense of KNOWING... to be able to TRUST the decisions you make going forward...

The work Thema takes you through will strengthen these innate powers that women are conditioned to suppress.

Picture being vulnerable enough to receive healing, yet feeling secure through the love and support from all of your healing teachers ...

… as well as support from your new sisters who have made this journey with you with the Divine … making room for you to receive needed answers and clear directives moving forward!

If you are not SERIOUS about your change, Thema and her team are not for you! May that be clear enough for anyone that may have questions or doubt. Your Growth, Your Journey, Your Self- Improvement, and Your Commitment to it all is not for the faint at heart. Nor is it for those that "say" they're going to do something and never fully follow through, or see what work is required and quit. As uncomfortable, painful, and emotionally exhausted I maybe (by my own self- inflections and my own devices), I Will Not discontinue this journey! #HealEverything #ToxicLoverHealing

Karí Raynor

I went expecting one thing and I received so much more. Thema held space for me to heal and to bring forth the divine in me and to know that I am enough. she holds a space for to bring forth everything that needs to be healed. I am thankful for the space she held for me today.

Nana Badu

“Megan, I’m ready! I need this in my life like yesterday!
Where do I sign up?”

Call <XXX-XXX-XXXX>ASAP to speak with our team to get started!

When was the last time you were able to experience such incredible value
all in one place?

Remember, you're going to enjoy...

  • A 3 day 2 night stay in a five star quality resort...
  • A day conference packed with powerful wisdom from three experienced and proven healing professionals...
  • Chauffeured limo service to a VIP lunch, with meet and greet...
  • A sacred salt water cleansing ceremony at the beach, leaving you refreshed and renewed...
  • Dinner at the resort…
  • Personal massage therapy...
  • An intimate group therapy session with trained mental health professionals…
  • Yoga on the lawn…
  • An intimate breakfast prepared by our vegan chef…
  • An effective and comprehensive self-love workshop…
  • A complete visioning experience unlike any other…
  • And an empowering womb-healing sister circle to sacredly seal this blissful and overall miraculous experience!
  • *** As a bonus, all retreat attendees will have a Purpose Building and Planning webinar with our Vision specialist one week before you pack your bags to come to the retreat! We’re making sure you are fully prepped, in the correct head-space, engaged and know exactly what to expect before you arrive!

What are you waiting for?
Call <XXX-XXX-XXXX>to reserve your retreat ticket now!

Take in this value-packed synopsis...

At the conference…

Acquire unique, one-of-a-kind and supportive wares from our hand-selected vendors!

Enjoy the ethereal sounds of our all-female string ensemble and be given tools to strengthen your mind, body and soul!

Experience a bit more intimacy and connection at the delightful and fun VIP lunch, where you get to dine and “kee kee” with other women who are ready to make change!

Connect with the healers and get your “good shots” on your phone!

  • Leave your cares at the beach water through salt water cleansing!
  • Break down the barriers in your body through healing massage!
  • Open up the broken places in your heart and mind through intimate group sessions!
  • Usher out unearthed energy through breath and movement with spiritual yoga!
  • Refuel and nourish the body with living foods!
  • Restructure your self-perception through experiencing what it’s like to really love yourself! Make the vision more clear and plain!
  • … Then seal your solutions with the connection through your unique power center of the womb!

You won’t experience anything like this simply sorting through Eventbrite tickets or when you try to put together your next girlfriend’s vacation.

Don’t spend another week… month… year…  trying to do all the heavy lifting on your own!

Be on your way to finally experiencing a life of bliss, synergy, wonderful health, harmonious relationships and purposeful exuberance!

Her Healing Place is where you will FINALLY feel in control of your life once and for all, without the stress of trying to figure it out by yourself and on your own!

Need to gather more testimonials from healers. Would like to include one from Letitia, one from Nina and one from Knikeya. I can possibly pull more from Latonya and Thema if necessary.

Another Happy Client

Need to gather more testimonials from healers. Would like to include one from Letitia, one from Nina and one from Knikeya. I can possibly pull more from Latonya and Thema if necessary.

Another Happy Client

To sweeten the deal and to make sure you get the most personal, intimate and valuable experience…

… where you can open up, release your masks, dive deep and do the work…

… we’re limiting the retreat to only 20 participants!

You read that right...

We’re only offering twenty, rare spaces to this life-changing event...
and they won’t be here for long...
so be sure to call right away! <XXX-XXX-XXXX>

For the first five people who register...

... we’ll be giving you a surprise gift worth $500!

But that’s not all!...

You’ll also be entered into a giveaway with ONLY the twenty retreat attendees... for a chance to win a complimentary week-long stay in the tropics!

... Who doesn’t love give-aways?

Last powerful testimonial on the page. Anyone who has additional testimonials to offer can be inserted here.

Satisfied Client

Don’t delay any longer!
Make it your business to be at Her Healing Place Conference and Retreat!
Call right now to reserve your spot!



If you’re still hesitant, you may have more questions…

… and we have answers!

Will this be as quick as a popping a pill? +

It will be the catalyst for lasting healing once and for all!

You will leave more secure with a solid definition of purpose and clear vision for your most wonderful life, the next steps to take immediately and effective tools to continue moving through obstacles like the maven you are!

It will also provide a complete network of healing professionals who have worked together with you to design your personal healing plan and will be there to support you even after the retreat is over!

How can I be sure this works for me? +

It all starts with willingness, intention and expectation...

Before, you were used to working separately with professionals who have no relationship with each other and leave you feeling all-over-the-place with solutions.

At Her Healing Place, our healers are working collectively with your total life’s journey as their priority!

They will be in agreement with and help to amplify the effect of your journey!

Is there a way I can just attend the conference? +

Yes! You can definitely purchase tickets to just the conference and experience all the wonderful benefits of doing so!

The most comprehensive and effective event is the retreat, but if you want to sample what the retreat is going to be like, starting with the conference is definitely something you can do!

Call our team right away and reserve your spot! XXX-XXX-XXXX

Are you offering separate VIP tickets too? +

You can upgrade to a VIP ticket to ride in the chauffeured limo to meet/greet and have lunch with the healers! This will include 2.5 hours of more fun before the retreat begins!

Call now to reserve your spot! XXX-XXX-XXXX

Will there be lodging for those not staying for the retreat? +

Yes, we can arrange separate lodging at nearby hotels! The closest airport is Newport News, Williamsburg airport, airport code PHF.

If I secure my spot and can't go, can I get my money back? +

All ticket sales and payments are final and non-refundable. However, if you’d like to transfer your ticket to someone else, we can definitely honor that request for you!

Call this number and we can help you!  XXX-XXX-XXXX