Meet Sugar.

Sugar is usually located right across the street, to the immediate left and around the corner.

You’ll know it's her because she sports vintage threads and natural hair that is “accented” with more than a few streaks of silver.

Master of Arts in psychology holder, promoter of positive energy, facilitator of change, clinician turned “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE THE LADY FROM THE INTERNET!,” lover of fine arts, obsessed with how words form amazing sentences, photographer of the human condition, bookworm, painter on canvas when inspired, sewer of sewable things, 10% of the day dancer, off key singer, lover of life and laughter.

Sugar is really named Sugar (spare her the Sugar jokes, please). Online, she is known as “whoissugar.”

She’s currently on hiatus from the internet and working on her first book.

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This is what I needed to see! I just started college today! And this is my motivation to keep going no matter how hard it gets! Thanks Sug!

- Ariele S.